Art I Heart

First of all, yes, I know the title is ridiculously cheesy but I’m rolling with it.

Second, this will be the beginning of a week by week series of posts where I’ll share pieces of art and design I love so much I wanna share with you guys!

So to start it off let’s kick it back to 2 of my earliest art crushes – Conor Harrington and Andrew Salgado.


Harrington, Conor. Death in the Afternoon, Oil, spray paint and gold leaf on linen, 2011, Conor Harington,
The above painting, Death in the afternoon, depicts a matador slaying a mythological Minotaur, inspired by Ramsey’s 1826 sculpture of Theseus slaying the Minotaur. This piece, as well as other works, reflects the conflict between Eastern and Western hegemony, with the Minotaur, a great character of Greek and European culture about to be slaughtered by the Asian economy.

What I love about this painting is the use of fine art and graffiti techniques, which are usually thought of as separate and polar fields, yet Harington has brought them together so masterfully to create excitement around his two figures. The use of contrasting color – cool blues against fiery red and orange – in big broad strokes also work to highlight the power struggle between East and West.

Salgado, Andrew. The Opposite of Intention. Oil on canvas, Andrew Salgado,

Canadian born, Andrew Salgado is one of my favourite portrait artists. More often interested in the process of painting rather than the final work itself, Salgado’s large scale paintings are comprised of quick yet carefully placed smears and drips, each stroke standing on its own yet coming together to form a portrait. This juxtaposition of broken and whole could possibly reflect Salgado’s own experience as a victim of a hate crim, further highlighted through the contrast between cool and warm colours.

You can check out more of Harrington’s work on his website and Instagram. Salgado also features work on his website and Instagram.


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