Linking Cindy

One of my favourite exhibits from the Cindy Sherman show was the Chanel series (2010-2012) which emerged from a commission for POP magazine. In what seems to be typical Sherman fashion - acute observations of social pressures bordering on the absurd - these works subvert our expectations of the glamorous through awkward and slightly ridiculously... Continue Reading →

Reflecting Cindy

I have to admit, when I researched Cindy Sherman's work (and by research I mean quickly flicked through Google search images) I was giving it a bit of a side-eye. Like, really? A grown woman taking selfies of herself in dress up is art? I know I'm terrible. But I've changed now I really have.... Continue Reading →

A Cindy Experience

I'm standing outside the City Gallery waiting to go into the Cindy Sherman show for one of my classes. Admittedly, I'm pretty nervous. What if I don't get it? What would I say about it? Until last night I didn't even know who Cindy Sherman was (cue gasps). I've never really attended an art gallery... Continue Reading →

Art I Heart

First of all, yes, I know the title is ridiculously cheesy but I'm rolling with it. Second, this will be the beginning of a week by week series of posts where I'll share pieces of art and design I love so much I wanna share with you guys! So to start it off let's kick it back to 2 of my earliest art crushes - Conor Harrington and Andrew Salgado.

a Visual World

2017. Even just seeing the year makes people anxious and begin predicting "another bad year". Why? Perhaps it is that we are often unsure of what we are seeing and looking at in today's world. What once was up can be down, red can be green. We live in what seems a state of permanent revolution. Which is exciting and liberating, don't get me wrong. We are shaping the future, making history! etc. etc. But it can also be confusing, anarchic, and worrying. Today's world is far more urban, connected,and youthful than it was only a few decades ago. we live in a time where Instagram is the Bible, Netflix is date night, and fame can be achieved through filming someone's shoes and saying "Damn Daniel" over a period of days. With this plethora of new visual material, it can often be hard to be sure of what we are seeing when we look at today's world.

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